“The vet was awesome and amazing!! I felt so welcome and Christa was so understanding and warm to my Zoey girl!! I felt a lot of trust with her too!! I am very protective of my dog! Yet Christa was awesome!! Kudos to Christa and to her staff!!! ”  

– Bob P, Facebook

“We love Dr. Authement, and when he is not available, Dr. T. is also a great doctor. Both are extremely knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. The staff could not be kinder and also know their stuff. Many people I know take their pets there and are very happy with the practice. I have recommended the practice to everyone I know who has pets. When my dog was sick and they were booked solid, they recommended another vet who would see him for one visit due to an agreement they had with the other vet practice. That vet was also good.”  

– Rocky F, Google

“Dr. Authement is wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable and very courteous. For the stress a ‘doctor’s visit’ puts on SweetPea, it works out very well.”  

– Annie S, Yelp

“I love everyone there!!! Some of the sweetest, most understanding people in the industry! I am a hypochondriac puppy parent and they are so sweet to talk me off the crazy train sometimes and tell me in depth about lumps, bumps, coughs and infections! I never feel rushed and they are very sweet to my two neurotic babies and my new addition as well! Absolutely LOVE them!”  

– Brianne L, Facebook

“Dr Tolksdorf is wonderful, forms a real bond with our dog. She has a great memory, every time we visit she is on track with past and current issues. Very nice, professional front office staff as well. We just moved here a year ago and this is our new forever vet. Thank you.”  

– Steve & Karen, Google

“If you live in Pinellas County, Dr. Authement is the only vet for you.  My husband and I recently moved to Texas. Gulf Animal Hospital is now on the list of things I miss most from home.  Dr. A is by far the best vet we have ever visited.  You never feel as though he is rushed, and he takes the time to answer questions and explain pros and cons of procedures.  Prior to moving we always brought our temperamental German Shepherd to Gulf Animal Hospital.  Despite his less than friendly demeanor, he was always treated like the special pup we believe him to be.  

I recently visited St. Pete from Texas and brought my 6lb chihuahua.  During my visit, my Chihuahua was attacked by another dog and we both sustained some injuries.  My first thought was to bring her to Gulf Animal Hospital immediately.  I arrived around noon and tearfully explained to the receptionist what had just happened.  Dr. A was just about to walk out the door, but he took the time to see my pup.  Dr. A and the vet tech quickly attended to my dog, and also took care of me.  They helped calm me, had me wash my cut hands in their sink and gave me Star Wars bandaids for my cuts.  Fortunately, my chihuahua wasn’t seriously injured.  I think Dr. A could sense my stress and shock.  He made sure to repeat instructions for my pup’s care and explain potential problems to watch for.  

Upon returning to Texas, I brought my pup to another vet for a follow up.  I could not help but compare my Texas vet to Dr. A, and there really was no comparison.   As other reviewers have said,  Gulf Animal Hospital is not in the business of taking your money unnecessarily.  They do, however, provide care based on the best interest of your pet.  Dr. A is extremely knowledgeable and caring.  I trust that he treats my dogs the way he would treat his own. If you are looking for a knowledgable, empathetic, patient, compassionate and confident vet, go see Dr. Authement.   I cannot thank Dr. Authement and staff enough for taking care of my pup and me!”  

– J.M, Yelp

“8 year customer. Both doctors are highly skilled, and highly trusted. I am a crazy dog mom of 3. Would never even consider taking them anywhere else. The only time I was “scared” for the bill was when one of the girls was put under and had multiple teeth extracted, and still at the point I was expecting MUCH worse than what I was charged. Do you fur kiddies a favor, and take them here!”  

– Molly M, Facebook

“Wonderful doctors and kind staff. Seem to treat our animals as if they were their own..”  

– Cynthia G, Google

“I cannot say enough good things about Gulf Animal Hospital. We see Dr. Authement, and he is such a great doctor. We have never visited the other doctor, but I have heard she is great too. The techs and staff are always so sweet and willing to do what they can to work with me. It is SO hard for me to find a veterinarian I truly trust, but I sincerely trust Dr. Authement and the staff at Gulf Animal Hospital. 

So many doctors are quick to suggest emptying out your savings just to do all kinds of tests that may or may not be useful. My favorite thing about Dr. Authement, other than his genuinely kind spirit, is that he takes plenty of time to talk through his reasoning for every single thing he suggests. I love how he balances risks and benefits, and his honesty. He’s not the kind of veterinarian who wants to put you or your animals through procedures that are very unlikely to make a difference in either the treatment course or something else unless you WANT to. 

This week, my 13 year old toy poodle was having a very hard time breathing and I had to take him to Animal Emergency Clinic in the middle of the night. All night long I was just wishing Dr. Authement was there to tell the vet there what to do! I waited outside the emergency vet until 30 minutes before Gulf Animal Hospital opened, where I walked right in at 7:30am. The staff immediately came over with his papers that had been faxed from the emergency vet that morning (I guess they were expecting me!). Dr. Authement saved my little buddy and figured out what was going on. 

And thanks to the generous amount of time he spent with us, I learned a lot! I love how he shares his experience with other pets who have experienced the problems my pets are having. I’ve never felt rushed, and always feel like I can ask him as many questions as I want, even if I just want to learn. Compassionate and friendly bedside manner is what makes a good doctor a GREAT doctor. Thanks Dr. Authement and everyone at the office who helped us out this week!”  

– Emily C, Yelp

“I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful people at Gulf Animal Hospital. We are displaced from Hurricane Matthew and they were able to get our geriatric American Bulldog looked at and the pills he needs to walk. Thank you to the staff of Gulf Animal Hospital for being so sweet to us and our old guy. Whenever we have any veterinary needs while staying in St. Pete we will come straight to you!!”  -Amanda G, Facebook

“Best place! Best crew for your pets. Very caring and the price is right.. Love them..”

– Randy C, Google

“The staff and the doctors here are just wonderful! We had seven cats and three dogs and all were seen at Gulf Animal Hospital.  As many of our cats were older and they became gravely ill, they had to be put to sleep.  The doctors and staff were very sensitive and compassionate to our needs during this time. We currently have two dogs and five cats. All are seen at Gulf Animal Hospital.  The staff is always courteous and professional and the doctors always take the time to get to know their patients.  For someone who considers pets as family members, this is very important. The doctors explain everything that is going on in a way that is understandable.  I would never consider taking my furry family members any where else!.”  

– Andrea O, Yelp